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Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2014


Big Data, analytics, and loyalty are rapidly changing the foundation of marketing.
In this webinar, we look at 10 significant trends that Marketers must know
to be competitive and customer-centric in 2014.

Watch as David Rosen presents what you need to know this year to  
remain agile in the new marketing landscape, including the latest in:

  • Customer experience management
  • Data integration
  • Actionable models and analytics
  • Event processing

Learn how to use these technologies to understand:

  1. Customer likes and dislikes

  2. Where to push out gained insights across the business (including in
    product development, the supply chain, and customer service)

  3. How to gain business value from those insights

  4. Where to purposefully engage customers

  5. How to give customers an ability to engage with the brand at the
    time, place, and context of their own choosing


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