Even after decades of investment, most business intelligence users can’t get the information they need when they need it and must resort to asking IT for help.

The issue isn’t a lack of data; big data is real and getting bigger every day. The crux of the problem for most businesspeople is uncovering the most relevant data when you need it. Today, that often means having to wait on IT, or taking matters into your own hands by manually wrestling with Excel to build massive spreadsheets. Often, neither is satisfactory. That’s why a new class of business intelligence technology has emerged in recent years.

Download this complimentary "5-Minute Guide to Business Analytics," and learn how user-driven “analytic” or “data discovery” technologies help business and technology users more quickly uncover insights & speed action.

A 5-Minute Guide to Business Analytics

The Status Quo: Data Locked Away in the Data Center


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A 5 Minute Guide To Business Analytics